Solar Calculator

How to use the online calculator:

You will need:

  1. Define the requirement for the system: I.e Off-grid, Grid-tied savings, Grid-tied savings with backup battery, Backup battery only
    • Select the system type in the first grey dropdown selection box
  2. We recommend 12 months of electricity usage data (Units / kWh) in order to enter the minimum, maximum values
    • For each month, take the total number of kWh/units utilised and devide by the number of days to obtain the average value per day for each month
    • The lowest value as minimum, highest value as maximum and the sum of values divided by the number of month as the average value
  3. Enter the required values in the green text boxes
  4. Ensure you select the correct finance options for personal or business

If you are unsure of your energy requirements click here to use our home energy calculator.

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